KBE Based Engineer To Order Digitization

A few questions ...

  • Do you have products that are designed to customer specification - engineered to order, configured to order, custom, one-off configurations, etc?
  • What proportion of your products need to be engineered to customer specification and have you been thinking of increasing this proportion?
  • Do you face issues of quotation lead times, unpredictable margins due to inaccurate cost estimates and / or inaccurate product configurations?
  • Does your company spend resources supporting a team of programmers to integrate engineering process with CAD packages, CRM and ERP packages?
  • Does your engineering team spend significant time for sales quotations and order fulfillment instead of thinking up innovations?
  • Is quotation or engineering lead time affecting your win rate? Have you lost a customer because you couldn't turn-around with a quote or a finished product quickly enough?
  • Have you been thinking of a sales and engineering configurator that addresses exactly these issues and effectively?

Sales / Quotation Process Business Challenges

  • Long quotation lead times
  • Lower than expected win rates
  • Unpredictable Margins driven by inaccurate cost estimates
  • Incomplete & non compelling quotations
  • Liquidated damages for late deliveries and product defects
  • Required involvement of engineering team during quotation

Order Engineering Business Challenges

  • Long order engineering times
  • Inability to efficiently absorb peak order volume
  • Trivial engineering errors leading to amplified product defects
  • Variance in design and quality between each order
  • Inability to execute change requests
  • Knowledge retained as tribal or in excel spreadsheets - fear of attrition

Solution ...

A powerful and efficient engineer to order automation platform can:

  • Help capture rules in an institutionalized system providing accountability and trace-ability of design rules
  • Integrate with existing PLM, ERP and CAD systems to rapidly generate accurate and compelling quotations that include product visualizations, drawings, bills of materials and detailed technical specifications
  • Employ one set of design rules across sales process and order fulfillment
  • Eliminate errors introduced by traditional data transfer between quotation and engineering systems
  • Improve win rate, bid rate, margin and customer satisfaction as a result of accurate costs and consistent designs
  • Afford engineering teams time to research and innovate