KBE Based Engineer To Order Digitization

Knowledge Based Engineering

Every manufacturing company gets to a point where the focus falls on determining and controlling the cost of quality of their products; usually by way of intercepting manufacturing errors earlier in the process and/or by automating the generation of BOMs, drawings and routings. A well-known and well-capable method to achieve it is digitization of each step. While there are many solutions available on the market that help with digitization specifically, ConfigureVision aspires to enhance these solutions by enabling authoring and control of the rules & knowledge that form the basis of automation in a dedicated framework. The idea is to liberate engineers from having to spend time assisting sales and marketing teams for quotations or spend time putting out fires during order engineering on a daily basis so they can focus on innovation. If you are a business with products that are engineered to order, assembled to order or configured to order, ConfigureVision can help shorten your inquiry to quote and order to cash processes.


Manufacturing Process Realities

A manufactured product, be it a physical thing or a collection of individual things configured or assembled, is almost always constrained by a set of rules - physical, electrical, regulatory, spatial; any manufacturing process that has manual touch-points to either enforce or check these rules is prone to human errors - these errors end up being extremely costly depending on where in the process they are introduced. Obviously, a robust manufacturing process is one that has the least of manual interface. A knowledge based configurator aims to solve this by encapsulating the rules in order to automate each step of the process


Manufacturing Process Possibilities

A good configurator not only allows the rules to be used while servicing inquiries for quotes but it also allows the exact same set of rules to be utilized during actual engineering of the exact same quote. Many configurators on the market are disjointed in that they either allow for only quote building features or  their quotation and engineering systems are on totally different platforms. A few allow for sharing the same knowledge across different functions - this eliminates costly errors arising from out-of-sync rules between quotation and engineering systems. ConfigureVision can help design a scalable, maintenance-friendly and efficient solution with a robust configuration engine